Go ahead sissy, make my day!

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Monday, 12 September 2011 23:06

Go ahead sissy, make my day!

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Sissies Steph and Carol Sissies Steph and Carol

Stephanie and Carol travel everywhere in their beautiful little girl dresses puffed out by a layer or two of ruffily petticoats, adorned with ribbons and lace. They are sissy ambassadors to the people here on the East coast, in other states and even abroad!

Most cross-dressers who identify as a sissy confine their dressing to the privacy of their own home, the home of a Mistress or a solitary motel room when away on a business trip. Many never allow anyone to see them dressed except for the brave few who will occasionally serve at a private party or venture out on Halloween.  

Being a sissy is such a taboo that most never tell a soul; they won't tell even their wives or most intimate friends that they love to dress in pink frilly panties and satin dresses.  

Sissies Stephanie and Carol But not Sissy Stephanie and Sissy Carol; they are proudly on display for the whole world to see. They do not feel humiliated when they are dressed in public. They feel happy to have the freedom to express themselves and show their true feminine identity.  Both girls, now retired, live full time as sissies. Sissy Carol who transitioned from male to female in 2003 always wears her long blonde hair in pigtails even when she is enjoying dressing casual in jeans and a tee shirt.  If Sissy Stephanie ever owned a pair of jeans, I think she burned them with the rest of her male clothes on the day she retired from a long and successful career with the local Board of Education. 

Stephanie is a non-transitioning transgender girl who loves to dress in the most feminine clothes even if she is just trimming the hedges or performing other necessities around her house. Her extensive wardrobe is made up of a variety of school girl, little girl and sissy maid dresses. 

Are you wondering where these sissies go all dressed up? The answer is anywhere and everywhere!

Yes, they go to everyday places like restaurants, bars, the bank and the supermarket in their fancy dresses, crinolines, Mary Jane shoes and ankle socks with lace ruffles. Carol, who loves to wear cheerleader uniforms, said, “If I go to Shoprite now without something nice on I get hollered at by people in the deli or the manager.”

Are you wondering how people react to seeing sissies in public?  Carol says that all the time people come up to her and say, “You made me smile.” Often people stop Carol and Stephanie and ask them why they are dressed like that and what is going on. Sissy Stephanie’s standard reply is simply delightful. “I do this to make people smile. I retired 5 years ago and this is my job now,” she says with a wide smile and a twinkle in her eyes. 

Together these sissy girls have driven from New Jersey to Provincetown, Rhode Island, Boston Massachusetts and Rehobeth Beach,Sissies in Pink and Blue Delaware. They have taken the train into Manhattan for dinner, concerts and performances at Lincoln Center and other social activities and have marched in the GBLT pride parade in NYC every year for the last 10 years! They have even gone through airport security with their lollypops and teddy bears in tow. In their frilly best they have flown together to San Francisco, California, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Tampa Florida. Sissy Stephanie flew to St Martin one year for a vacation and when the Customs & Immigration Officer asked why she was dressed this way she replied, “I heard St. Martin was the party island.” The Officer smiled and said “Go for it!” as he let her through. Sissy Stephanie has also traveled for vacations in Vienna, Amsterdam and London.

Carol and Stephanie took their first cruise in May 2010 and sailed from New York City to Bermuda. When they reached the port a member of the cruise ship staff stopped them and warned them that they shouldn’t get off the ship “dressed that way”.  These girls were not going to turn back now. They cautiously went out to enjoy the island hoping for the best but fearing the worst. What they found instead of dangerous, negative confrontations was a sort of celebrity reception. “Store owners were bringing us into their shops for pictures” the girls were thrilled to report. They went to a pink hotel, The Hamilton Princess, for afternoon tea and the chef came out of the kitchen to have his picture taken with Stephanie and Carol at their table on the street in front of the hotel.  Later, one of the hotel staff yelled down to the sissies from a balcony above their table, “Did you try the special tea yet?” When they replied that they had not, the woman came down to them with a fresh pot of a fruity tea for them to sample. “Everyone was extra nice.” Carol said.

My wife, Sissy Kyla has a favorite saying, “You have to have a lot of balls if you want to be a sissy.” I admire how courageous these sissy ambassadors are as they live their lives on their own terms. Each day they face the public and the unknown to spread the word --one person at a time -- that sissies are simply people who like to look pretty and make other people happy.  

On a visit to Cape Cod the sissies met a young woman who went out of her way in the supermarket to come over to them and say, “It is wonderful to see you here, you made my day!” Both girls report that they hear the same thing all the time.  So go ahead sissies, dare to go out in public and make someone’s day!

Learn more by watching the award-winning short documentary on Sissy Stephanie, and the short comedic parody “Sissies Gone Wild” featuring Sissy Stephanie, Sissy Carol and Sissy Terri.

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Lady Ellen

I have been dressing boys up as girls since I was in high-school, so it's no wonder that I grew up to launch and operate le Femme Finishing School.

Website: xdressnj.com/index_files/Sissies.htm
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